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January 18, 2007 by jamoore42
Hi all!,

ok,,I hope I can explain this well,,

I purchased the "OD-pkg",,and the "Orion/icon/pkg."
but I cant seem to be able to find, or use the Orion/pkg.
I installed everything thru the "Stardock/installer/loader",
but when I "rightt-clic" on an icon to goto its properties, so I can
change the icon, the only choices I have are the "standard-XP-style"
icons!,,,what step am I missing?? to be able to choose my
"Orion-pkg" icons, either as a pkg.,,or individually??

thnx to all who r...
January 7, 2007 by jamoore42
hi all,,

Im kinda confused,,please help!!
Ive seen posts for;
and objectdock,,
and objectdock plus,,

when I purchased my "Object Desktop pkg"
yesterday, did I only get "objectbar?"
with the "standard OD-PKG."
Im not complaining,,Im just curious??

and is "objectdock & objectdock+"
seperate programs??

thnx for your assistance!

January 6, 2007 by jamoore42
Hi all,,

WOW!,,this is my 2nd. day with my ODpkg., and Im
totally IMPRESSED!, Im sorry to hear others are experiencing
problems,, Im thankful im one of the exceptions!.
in fact my system seems to be running alot faster!!
but it may be just me cause I enjoy using-it,,hummmm,,
now a Question;
for my first project i want to make a side-bar, to Launch
non-windows programs [games,,photo-progs.,,etc..].
which program of "OD" do I use to make-it??,
and if someone could point out a TUT., I...
January 5, 2007 by jamoore42
THNX! to all who helped me with my purchase questions!,

I purchased yesterday!, and Love-it!
WOW, it has Improved since the first time I
got it 6-8 years-ago!, it uses alot-less memory
than it did with win95. THNX STARDOCK!!
for a wonderfully fun! product!

I guese my next question would be;
Why would people buy Vista, when we have OD.?
seems tome there would be no-advantage??
but Im just guesing??

"Object Desktop" RULES!!!!!

John Moore.
new and very-happy customer!
January 5, 2007 by jamoore42
hi all,

thnx to all who reply,,

Im thinking about purchasing the
"Object desktop 2007pkg.", but Im
about to upgrade my computer in 3-6 mnths.,
so if I purchase now, can I re-installit on my
new computer without buying a new liscense-key??

also, I purchased an earlier version about 6-yrs-ago,
and had to uninstall-it , because it slowed my
computer-down too-much,, Im running a "pent- 1.5 mhz." now,
and plan on upgrading to a "3.1 pent. or better",,
so my next question is, has the...